Frequently Asked Question

This Agreement was last modified on MAY 11th 2020

“OOAY collect” is a service provided exclusively for OOAY guests and their shipments. This option that allows you the flexibility of being able to choose how and where the orders get delivered.
Instead of delivering a package to your home or business address on the carriers time, you can control the pick up time that’s convenient for you. For example if you choose a post office, once your package is delivered to the locker/p.o Box, you’ll receive an SMS with a unique pickup code that includes your order pick up information based off  your selected location.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

All products included free shipping! Depending on your geographic location it might come with a tracking number from the organization (ex. a post office/ mail carrier) making the deliveries.

How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

The shipping time does depend on where the products are being shipped from. Orders might take from 1- 30 business days to deliver.

  • USA: 1-7 Business Days
  • United Kingdom: 7-14 Business Days
  • Japan: 14-20 Business Days
  • Germany: 7-14 Business Days
  • France: 10-15 Business days
  • South Korea: 7- 10 Business Days
  • Canada: 14- 21 Business Days
  • Russia: 10 -15 Business Days
  • Brazil:20- 25 Business Days

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